Return Policy

Returns & Exchanges

Taiwan and offshore islands
  1. A cooling-off period is not a trial period: According to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act, you are entitled to a seven-day trial period from the date of delivery of the product (including national holidays). The trial period is for your reference, viewing, evaluation and comparison, and you can request a return or refund within seven days, and returns will not be accepted after the trial period.
  2. Notes on returns: The contents of your return must be in mint condition, with all items, gifts, accessories, packaging, and accompanying documents or data remaining intact (e.g., the carton, warranty card, and inner plastic cover). Please send the returned goods and invoice to SAWAA within seven days of arrival (including holidays), and sign the "returns allowance sheet" and other relevant legal documents, otherwise, SAWAA reserves the right to reject your request for a return or refund.
    When returning or exchanging an item, please pack the item properly in the original cardboard box. If the original carton has been lost, please use an intact box for packaging, and do not paste paper or put writing directly onto the original packaging.
    SAWAA reserves the right to reduce the refund amount depending on the extent of the damage if the item you are returning or exchanging is incomplete or damaged.
    As soon as you have completed all the return procedures, and we have received your returned merchandise in perfect condition, our customer service staff will process your refund immediately.
  3. Non-returnable and non-exchangeable items:
    1. Returns or exchanges that exceed the 7-day grace period;
    2. The item has been opened or has been used (e.g. the wrapping paper or box has been removed);
    3. The goods are not properly packed, damaged, defective or incomplete;
    4. The loss of uniform invoices; or
    5. Returns or exchanges will not be accepted once the product is opened, except for defects. So please make sure of the item before purchase.
    6. Customized products
  4. Exchange method:
    If you want to apply for an exchange due to an error in the order (e.g., wrong product, color, style, size, etc.) on your part, dislike of the product or other personal factors, please contact our customer service staff and we will assist you with the exchange, with the shipping fee to be borne by you.
  5. Return notes:
    You agree that each return authorization "business entity’s certificate of sales return, purchase return or allowances on purchased merchandise" will be handled by Tikuang International Enterprises Ltd. at its sole discretion.
    To return a product, you must contact our customer service personnel to make a return request, which means that you have agreed to the above return conditions, and our customer service staff can apply for a return on your behalf.
  6. Refund time:
    For credit card payments, if there is a refund request, we will refund the amount directly to your credit card account using a chargeback method. It takes about five to seven working days to complete the refund according to the processing procedures of the banks. Chargebacks may appear on the current or following month's statement. You can contact your credit card company for details.

For other payment methods, our customer service staff will contact you with refund details.


  1. Overseas customers can participate in online discount events except for those offering free shipping.
  2. For overseas orders, please enter information completely in English and confirm before placing order. If the receiving country is a Chinese-speaking country, please use Chinese instead.
  3. According to regulations of the receiving country, customs duties or other fees will be paid by the recipient.
  4. In the event that an order made with incomplete information cannot be sent or received, the customer will be contacted within 3 working days following receipt of order. If the customer cannot be reached, the order will automatically be canceled without notice by SAWAA.
  5. Overseas orders are repeatedly inspected before shipment and sent out following confirmation. Therefore, following a grace period of 7 days, overseas orders are not included as part of our return services.
  6. Overseas orders can enjoy a 7-day grace period, but as foreign returns and exchanges involve complicated cross-border operations and logistical procedures, currently only return services are accepted. Please send goods to the following address after contacting customer service: Rm. 8, 21F., No. 201, Sec. 2, Wenxin Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)Returned products will be refunded within 3-5 working days after confirmation of correct receipt.
  7. When receiving items, please film yourself opening the box to protect your rights and ours. If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact customer service within 3 days for processing.
  8. Progress of overseas orders will be updated via the recipient’s email as filled out in the order.
  9. Due to different overseas transaction regulation among various countries, please check local government regulations before purchasing to confirm that goods can be delivered to the designated country. In the event that goods are inspected and confiscated by customs, we cannot take responsibility or be able to refund item or logistics costs.
  10. In the event that the recipient refuses delivery, fails to pick up the package at a local distribution center, the package cannot be cleared due to local regulations, or the delivery address is
    incorrect or incomplete, then shipping fees will not be refunded if the items are returned. The total amount of the original order will have round-trip shipping and other costs incurred in the delivery deducted from it, and then this amount will be refunded to the credit card account (original order amount minus round-trip logistics costs minus any tariffs incurred for round-trip shipping minus local taxes/fees incurred from return=refund amount).

Both checkout amount and refund amount are based on New Taiwan dollars, and any exchange rate difference caused by currency rate fluctuations is to be paid by the customer.

According to Taiwanese business tax law, SAWAA does not provide Government Uniform Invoices (GUI) for overseas orders.