“The story of SAWAA and skincare begins with the tides.”

The shore is akin to the skin of earth. It is the mesmerizing border between land and water. Here elements overlap, blend, sculpt one another and wash away in a ceaseless cycle that transforms the surface.

We have created a term to better describe this everlasting shift of earth and sea : the Tidal Lands.
The rise and fall of the Tidal Lands sway silver waves and rays of light, filtering and enveloping the sands of the sea. Shapes are submerged and smoothened. Impurities fade away. When we embrace this natural harmony, our skin moves closer to eternal beauty. The Gentle Skincare Series reflects the softness and luster of the Tidal Lands. Our products naturally moisturize and soothe the skin, like glistening waves that caress every inch of the body.

SAWAA accentuates beauty and diminishes mediocrity. Refinement is the essence of our skincare.

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